British Grand Prix Racer Facts – Why They Are The Best

This infographic from Hostel Bookers looks at British Grand Prix facts and statistics – and what makes them the best. According to the infographic, Britain has the most Grand Prix championship points, coming in at 6,030 points. That is about 50% more than the second place Germany which has a total of 4,225 points. Further, there have been 64 years of Grand Prix racing history – 25% of all these races have been won by the British. On top of that, 21% of world champions are British. Similarly, the British claim 22% of the fastest laps in Grand Prix races. If we break it down by drivers, the infographic points out that America and Britain both represent 19% of all Grind Prix drivers but Britain has won seven times as many championships as the Americans. To get the rest of the Grand Prix statistics on why Britain is the best Grand Prix country, you’ll have to finish reading the infographic below.

British Grand Prix Facts Statistics

Are Super Bowl Ads Really Worth It?

Super Bowl ads are the holy grail of TV marketing, but are they really worth it? What kind of ROI do these ads provide? This year a 30 second Super Bowl ad costs $4 Million. Some companies credit these ads with much of their growth as they are getting their brand in front of 111 Million viewers. Companies have reported the following growth in web traffic, which they attribute to Super Bowl ads:

  • – 41%
  • Volkswagen – 27%
  • – 27%
  • Mercedes Benz – 9%
  • Groupon 3%
  • Verizon Wireless 2%

As reported by this infographic from iSatelliteTV, In 2012, 60.4% of companies advertising in the Super Bowl included a URL in the ad.  To get more interesting statistics about Super Bowl ads, read the rest of the infographic from the Direct TV company iSatelliteTV.

Super Bowl Ad Statistics

Managers Under Pressure

As shown in this infographic from Pick Our Team, the managers of futbol teams are under extra scrutiny and pressure right now. Roberto Di Matteo was fired from his position of manager at Chelsea after just 8 months. This infographic shows that this decision was much to the fans delight, they often found the team’s performance left much to be desired. Likewise, Mark Hughes faced a similar outcome after a run of poor results while he was managing Queens Park Rangers – Again, with much support of the fans. There are more managers up on the chopping block awaiting to hear their fate, including Andre Villa-Boa and Arsene Wenger.

Top 10 Mountain Bike Trails

Thinking about going on an epic mountain bike trip but not sure where to go? Well, we’re here to help. This infographic has facts on all the best trails: Moab Utah, Park City Utah, Gunnison Colorado, Crested Butte Colorado, South Lake Tahoe California, East Burke Vermont, Bozeman Montana, Sun Valley Idaho, Bend Oregon, and Monogahela National Forest West Virginia. Whether you’re into all mountain, cross country, downhill, or free ride, you will be able to find a few good trails!

How Did the Replacement Refs Affect the Football Season

There is a lot more associated with a football game than meets the eye. More than $500 Million was at stake for the Packers and Seahawks game. The outcome was skewed by a bad call from the replacement refs. It gets worse – coaches have been fined a total of $130,000 for chasing, grabbing and bullying refs. Finally, coaches have made 20 challenges more in the first three weeks of this season than last season.

How Did The Replacement Refs Affect The Football Season?

Hiking the Beautiful USA: US National Scenic Trails Map, Packing Tips and Trivia

REI has put together a fantastic looking infographic that displays some of the most historic and scenic hikes across the USA. All told, they’re displaying 18.753 miles across 11 trails. They’ve included some great trivia as well. Did you know there are some requirements to being called a “National Trail”? They finish it up by including a visual list of the 10 essential items to bring on your hike, ensuring that adventurers stay safe while enjoying the scenery and outdoors. Continue reading

Helping You Reach Your Personal Fitness Goals

Many of us struggle to find the motivation to go to the gym let alone stick to a training programme for months on end. Using the S.M.A.R.T training principle, this infographic by The Academy Health Club helps you set your own manageable goals in a timeframe that suits you. Too many people bite off more than they can chew and ultimately become disheartened at not being able to hit the unworkable targets they’ve set. By setting realistic and attainable goals you’ll get far more from your training than you ever did before which ensures that you’ll stay motivated and more determined than ever to reach your goals. Understanding the key components of fitness is an essential part of any personal training programme and forms the second part of this infographic. If you are to make the most of your time at the gym it’s important that your training programme covers as many of the key components of fitness as possible. The different components of fitness all complement one another and the body is known to respond better to a varied training routine that includes a number of different exercises.

Image via The Academy

What are Your Chances of Becoming a Summer Olympic Athlete?

Check out how great (or small!) a chance each type of young athlete has of earning a spot on the United States Olympic team. Along with natural ability and determined training, these stats show the chances U.S. high school-aged athletes have of getting to the Summer Olympic Games in hopes of bringing home the gold! What do you think about these statistics?

Infographic via eCollege Finder