Behind the Scenes at London Fashion Week

Everyone wants to know what goes on behind the scenes. Whether it’s acting, a play, or a fashion show, life behind the curtain is a mystery to the majority of the public. Fortunately, Temperly London has released a resource that sheds a big more light on the entire process.

Backstage, models are expected to make a look change in one minute and twenty seconds. This includes clothing, accessories, hair and makeup. There can be upwards of 25 backstage photographers and film crew members. Hmm. Getting changed in a rush with people taking pictures and filming? Sounds like it could be rough.

During the show, stylists go through 98 mascaras and 60 cans of hairspray. There are 30 walkie-talkies going at all times and 218 bulbs around hair and makeup mirrors. There are even 40 HMI specialist bulbs flown in from Paris.

Read on in the infographic below to find out what happens while models are onstage.INFO-GRAPH-SS14_HOME2

Back to School, for little ones

If your child is starting Preschool or Kindergarten, this is a huge step! Not only for your child, but for you as well. It means your child is growing up, and that your role as a parent isn’t the primary influence anymore. As you know, kids are like sponges, and the school your child goes to will have profound and lifelong effects on their future.

According to Study Dog, earlier is better when it comes to school. For every single dollar spent on education in the early years, $7.00 is returned to society. This can result in 28% higher tax revenues, 24% savings in tangible costs to crime victims, 28% savings to the criminal justice system from lower arrest rates, and 18% school savings on remedial services.

For every year you wait to send your child to preschool, the return diminishes significantly. For kids who don’t receive a high-quality early education, 25% are more likely to drop out of school, 40% are likely to have a teen pregnancy, 60% less likely to attend college and 70% more likely to be arrested. See the infographic below to learn more.


How to Know if He Likes You

When it comes love, even the most sensible woman can throw all reason out the window. How do you know if he likes you? Are your emotions clouding your judgement? Instead of battering your best friend with texts and talking incessantly about your crush, take a look at the resource below, released by Hollywood Psychics.

If your crush doesn’t smile at you, strike up conversation, or attempt to make an effort, he probably doesn’t like you. Drop him and move on! If you find your crush peeping through your window, showing you his scab collection or if he touches you a little too close to private places he’s a creep. Every woman deserves respect and who knows how much creepier he can get if you start dating. So do yourself a favor and tell him you aren’t interested.

If the man you like does the light sock on the arm thing, hasn’t asked you on a public date (yeah watching tv at his house doesn’t count) or if you are in public and he mentions separate checks… yeah you are in the friend zone. And while being friends first is great, it doesn’t always translate to dating, so don’t count on him coming around.

See more in the infographic below.


How Will Dexter End: Shocking Predictions

Been thinking about how this season of Dexter ends? So has ServiCont. They have created 32 different shocking predictions across 5 different categories. The broad categories they have created are:

  • Clean Slate
  • Suicide
  • Detained
  • Flee USA
  • Murdered

Some of our favorite predictions are:

  • Clean Slate: Dexter and Lumen Reunite
  • Detained: Captured by Detective Miller
  • Flee: Dexter heads to South Africa

To find out how each of these scenarios play out, check out the interactive infographic (click the image below to visit the site).


Predictions About 2020

Ever thought about what the United States will look like in 2020? This infographic from looks at predictions about the year 2020 and just what the U.S. will look like then. The infographic predicts that in 2020 the U.S. will be more urban with most people living closer to work, school, and shopping as well as public transportation. Further, we will be much more energy efficient and our technology and gadgets will be much smaller. The infographic predicts that the cities with the fastest job growth in 2020 will be:

  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Tuscon, AZ
  • El Paso, TX
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Austin, TX
  • Bakersfield, CA
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Sacramento, CA

Similarly, the fastest growing cities, according to the infographic, will be:

  • Raleigh, NC
  • Kennewick, WA
  • Austin, TX
  • Provo, UT
  • Hinesville, GA
  • Logan, UT
  • Grand Junction, CO
  • McAllen, TX
  • Idaho Falls, ID
  • Charlotte, NC

As with historical trends, the average life expectancy of U.S. adults is expected to grow to 80 years. To find out all the new trends that we’ll see in 2020, check out the infographic below.

What Will 2020 Look Like

Science Careers for Students

SEED, or Schlumberger Excellence in Education Development has released an infographic regarding science careers for students who don’t know if they love science. The image is essentially a map asking questions about what a student likes and a science career that is related to that interest.

Many students are unaware of the science opportunities out there, and the more interest that can be generated, the more likely to advance the technological or environmental knowledge in our country. For example, students may not be aware that a veterinary career is in fact science, and what child doesn’t ask for a dog, cat or pony?

According to SEED, teachers love to see the shift in perspective in their students because it is in fact a shift in their reality. Teachers love to help students realize their potential and what they could eventually become “when they grow up.”

The infographic below is printable. Take a look and see what science careers are possible!


Choosing the right international school

Moving your family to Beijing anytime soon? The Yew Chung International School of Beijing has released an infographic to help.

According to YCIS Beijing, there are 341 international schools in China and being that your child will spend eight hours a day, five days a week at school, it is important to choose a place that does the following:

  • Appreciates and accepts who they are
  • Feeds their passions
  • Meets their needs
  • Provides a setting where they can work, play and make friends

No school can be 100% perfect, but it is important that the school matches your family values. Your education, culture, and ethnicity all affect what is important to you and your family. YCIS Beijing focuses on providing a balanced education with classes in both English and Chinese. Read on in the infographic below to find out more.


Home Truths for Landlords and Tenants

The Electric Safety Council released an infographic regarding electrical safety between landlords and tenants. According to the ESC, over 350,000 electrical incidents cause injuries each year. Over half of all house fires are caused by faulty electrics or electric products and tenants are seven times more likely to experience a house fire than homeowners. What do these statistics indicate? The infographic states that almost half of all landlords and tenants are unsure who is responsible for electrical safety in the property and that 1.7 million private renters say their landlord has ignored a report of an electrical fault.

So what can be done to ensure that private renters are protected from injury and loss of possessions due to faulty electrics? If landlords fail to follow safety standards they can be fined 20,000 and face revoked insurance. Curious to know what else can be done to promote electrical safety? Read on below.

Home Truths for Landlords and Tenants

The Growth of Mobile Games

Mobile gaming is a trend that has increased exponentially since the rise of smartphones. In 2010, 45% of respondents in North America had played mobile games on their phone and 54% had paid for a gaming software. Similarly in Europe, 36% had played a game on their mobile device and 69% had paid for it. This provides a lot of revenue opportunities for companies in the gaming industry. Not to mention the increasing popularity of smart phones as cost decreases. According to Jackpot City, the mobile gaming industry will grow to $11.7 million in 2014, 24% of which will be accounted to the iPhone and iPod.

Now lets take a look at who plays these games. Females have a higher rate of play for mobile social games overall, ranking 55% to 45% for the US and UK. Jackpot City reports that in the US, the highest percentage of gamers are ages 50-59 while in the UK, most gamers are 30-39. And what games are these people playing? Final Fantasy, the Sims 3 World Adventures and Jewel Quest III are the most popular games.

Want to learn more? See the infographic below.
Growth of Mobile Games

Biggest Heists and Robberies

Thinking about robbing a bank? You might want to reconsider after reading the infographic released by Texas Defense Law. Detailing some of the largest robberies of all time, the media analyzes whether or not the crime “paid.” The results might surprise you.

In the United States, the robbery took place at an armored facility and the theives stole $18.9 million. Caught after giving away cash with the facility’s original cash straps, the leader spent 24 years in prison. Compare that to the largest bank robbery in history, ex-dictator Saddam Hussein stole almost one billion from the Central Bank of Iraq. You may remember how that ended; he was hanged by the Iraqi Interim Government.

Not all robberies concern cash. Two art thieves made away with 13 paintings from famous artists such as Degas, Rembrandt and Vermeer. Valued at $300 million, the paintings were never recovered and a $5 million reward still stands for the thieves that managed to get away. Contrast that with the Italian robber that nabbed the Mona Lisa in 1911. He served over one year in prison.

See the infographic below along with other statistics such as the longest sentence and the longest time served.

Biggest Heists