New York Divorce Statistics and Facts

Nobody starts out their marriage hoping for a divorce (we hope). Spodek Law Group has put out an infographic looking at what separates New Yorkers from the rest of the U.S. Why do we care about this? Because according to this infographic, New York has an exceptionally low divorce rate – 5.5% according to the 2011 census. So what makes the residents of New York so different? According to the infographic, there are three unique traits. The first is median family income – New York reports a median family income of $69,202 compared to the nation’s $52,762. The second is age of first marriage – in New York, people tend to marry older. Women are 28.4 years old (US 26.9) and the men are 30 years (US 28.9) old. The final differentiator is education level – New Yorkers tend to be better educated than the rest of the country. According to the infographic, 32.4% of New Yorkers have a Bachelors degree compared to 27.9% of the U.S.

New York Divorce Statistics and Facts

Michigan No Fault Law – Auto Cases

This infographic from The Clark Law Office sheds light on an interesting law in Michigan (and 11 other states), the No Fault Law. “What is the no fault law?” you may be asking; that is a good question. Under this law (according to the infographic), in the state of Michigan, a driver does not need to show or prove negligence on the part of the other driver to have their own medical bills (including rehab and lost wages) paid for. These costs are to be paid by the drivers’ insurance company (not the other responsible/negligent driver).

The infographic also informs us that this law means that an injured driver cannot sue the other driver. The exception to this is when the inflicted injury meets a certain threshold. To learn more about this law, read the infographic below.

Note: Vizual Archive is not providing legal advice, we are simply sharing an interesting infographic.

Michigan No Fault Law - Auto Cases