The 4 scariest movies cursed in real life

Just in time for Halloween, Presto has released an infographic discussing the four scariest horror movies and how they affected the cast, film crew, film set and audience. There’s been hundreds of horror movies released, but only a few stand out as being truly terrifying. Interestingly enough, they were all released over 10 years ago. Let’s take a look at what happened.

In Poltergeist’s 1982 movie, four cast members actually died between the three films. A Native American shaman actually came to “rid the evil” from the set. Apparently, it was revealed in 2002 that real skeletons were used as props in the film.

In the Exorcist of 1973, filmmakers were so scared that they decided to bring their own friar to bless the premises. Up to nine crew members suffered untimely deaths during filming or shortly afterwards. There were multiple cases of injuries on set and the entire set even burned down in strange circumstances, delaying the filming for a few weeks.

Rosemary’s Baby of 1968 brought about death and illness in a very public way. The pregnant wife of the films director, Robert Polanski, was murdered by the Manson Family in 1969. John Lennon was also shot and killed right outside the apartment where the filming took place.

There’s one more scary one to see in the infographic below.


St Patricks Day Infographic

No matter if you’re Irish or not, most people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in one way or another. Whether you’re drinking a dark beer at the neighborhood pub, dye-ing your food green or making a full corned beef and soda bread meal, St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday to celebrate.

If you don’t know much about the history behind St. Patrick’s Day, you’re in luck! Liberty Tax has provided a resource to help us learn more about the essentials of St Patrick’s Day.

Corned beef and cabbage is a traditional Irish dish, or so we think. Irish immigrants living in New York learned from their Jewish counterparts on how to save money. They substituted corned beef for their traditional Irish bacon to save a few dollars in their new living arrangements. Corned beef is made from a beef brisket, peppercorns, carrots, onions, cabbage and butter.

Another part of St Patrick’s Day is the beer. Consumed in large quantities, beer is essential to celebrating this holiday properly. And there is an art to it. Pouring the perfect pint is crucial when you’re drinking a dark Irish beer. The glass must be wider at the top than the bottom and you hold the glass at a 45 degree angle when pouring. Pour halfway to the harp on a Guinness glass and then stop, waiting for the beer to settle before pouring some more in the middle, allowing the head to come up half-millimeter above the glass.

Learn more in the infographic below!


Valentine’s Day from HCL

HCL Nursing has put together some facts and trivia about Valentine’s Day. The holiday seems to gather some last minute rushing as it always seems to sneak up on us.

Last year, 59% of Brits celebrated this holiday of love. They spent an average of 119 British pounds on either gifts, dinner or other date activities.

The infographic lists the top five aphrodisiacs, some of which may surprise you.

  1. Honey. Apparently honey boosts energy because it contains boron, which regulates oestrogen and testosterone.
  2. Oysters. The well known favorite, oysters contain high levels of zinc and amino acids, which trigger the production of testosterone.
  3. Garlic. Surprising that it’s listed as an aphrodisiac since garlic breath isn’t always the most comely of traits. It’s full of allicin which increases blood flow.
  4. Avocado. The popular healthy fat, avocado is high in vitamins that keep your body young while boosting energy.
  5. Chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Cocoa contains phenylethylamines which spike dopamine.

There you have it! Read on in the infographic below to find out about the hospital that started with 10 beds and is now up to 400.


How Do You Say I Love You?

Did you know that 25% of women choose underwear based on their mood? According to Fredericks of Hollywood, you can figure out your significant other’s state of mind by the color of their underthings.

Black is the color of mystery and creativity. It’s timeless. Purple symbolizes royalty, sophistication and originality. Blue is the color of peace and she’s most likely feeling tranquil or loyal. Yellow is the color of friendship and represents happiness and joy. Apparently your woman is feeling earthy if she chooses nude and it represents structure and reliability. Peach symbolizes sincerity, modesty and sympathy. White is the color of purity and innocence.  She might be enthusiastic if she’s wearing orange, which represents ecstasy and independence. Gentleness is symbolized by coral and comes with desire and sensuality. Light pink might mean she’s feeling affectionate and stands for admiration and harmony. Dark pink means gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation. Red is the color of passion, energy and deep love.

The infographic also has a chart of how to say I love you in different languages. For example, Flemish is “Ik hou van je” and Polish is “Kocham Ciebie”. If you’re in Sochi right now, Russian might be of use to you which is “Ya tebya liubliu”. Try saying that to security guards.

See more in the Valentine’s Day Colors infographic below.


An Inside Look at Valentine’s Day

Another commercialized holiday full of expectations and expensive gifts, yes Valentine’s Day, is coming fast. Who spends more? The US or the UK? Let’s take a look at the real meaning behind the gifts in an infographic published by FitFlop.

The average gift purchased by a UK male costs $66 USD, adding up to $1.6 billion country-wide (1 billion in British pounds). The same average male in the US spends $108 on his gift, coming up to an expected $18.6 in Valentine’s gifts this year. Of this money, 56% or $10.5 billion, goes to spouses and significant others. Friends and classmates take up the other 39% and a surprising 5% is spent on their pets!

In the United Kingdom and in the United States, men spend twice as much on Valentine’s gifts than women crystallizing the fact that this holiday is all about women.

So what do women want? We can tell you what they don’t want. Gas station flowers are the worst, followed by tacky jewelry, a large cuddly toy, a bargain bin CD, unflattering underwear, cheap perfume, all you can eat vouchers, tickets to a football game, or a DVD of an action film.

Find out more in the infographic below.


Christmas Spending Statistics

This infographic from Amara looks at Christmas spending. According to the infographic, the most popular Christmas gift (ever!) was Pokemon in 1999 with sales of $1 billion. In second place are Pogs (1994) with sales of 350 million Pogs, followed by Bratz Dolls, the 2001 hit which sold 125 million units. To put this in a bit more modern perspective, the 8th most popular Christmas gift (2007) was the iPod touch with 13 million units sold. Further the infographic predicts that the most popular item of 2013 will be the Furby Woob!

The infographic also looks at the average family spend on Christmas gifts across different nations:

  • Finland – £626
  • Spain – £571
  • United Kingdom – £543
  • South Africa – £487
  • United States – £435
  • Italy – £462
  • Canada – £409
  • Germany – £407
  • Russia – £320
  • Australia – £304
  • Ukraine – £278
  • Poland – £261

Further, this infographic reports that 92% of people in the UK spend money on Christmas presents and women are 4% more likely to buy Christmas presents than men.

Sales predictions expect £40 Billion to be spent on Christmas retail for 2013. To find out all the spending stats on Christmas, read through the infogrpahic below:

13 Worst States To Be A Burglar

While there is no state that rewards you for burglarizing a home, there are definitely some states where it’s a lot worse to be caught. This infographic from SimpliSafe takes a look at the 13 states that are toughest on burglars. These states include:

  • Virginia
  • South Carolina
  • Alabama
  • Montana
  • District of Columbia
  • Kentucky
  • Indiana
  • Pennsylvania
  • Oklahoma
  • Florida
  • Tennessee
  • Illinois
  • Maine

In the above thirteen states, the average minimum sentence is 2.5 years; a year and a half more than the average for the rest of the country. Comparatively, the maximum in these states tends to be much more as well. South Carolina and Virginia allow for a life sentence. Alabama is a close second as they have the ability to hand down a 100 year sentence. On the opposite end of the spectrum (and still on this list) is Illinois which will give a maximum of 25 years. Illinois is followed closely by Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, and Kentucky – all of which have a 30 year maximum.

It’s not just jail time that burglars have to fear in these states – 92% of these 13 states have “shoot first” laws. Laws such as “Stand Your Ground Law” and “Castle Doctrine” in these states allow home owners to use deadly force when threatened without any requirement to retreat.

That’s not all though; some states have extra punishments for burglars, read the infographic to find out all about why crime doesn’t pay in these 13 states.

The Archetypal Fathers of Modern Britain

Father’s day is fast approaching. Have you picked up a gift for your dad yet? Perhaps you can get some help from Best Western’s recent infographic, “The Archetypal Fathers of Modern Britain”. Celebrating our fathers, the cheeky infographic describes certain types of dads and suggests an appropriate gift. Is your dad the type that is up early and always on the go? Perhaps a historic-site guidebook would be a great gift for an upcoming trip. Or is your father extremely competitive? Pick up some sports equipment so you can play games. If your dad loves to relax on the couch, get him some great movies or a “Classic Sporting Moments” DVD to remind him of the outside. Whatever type of father you have, take a look to figure out what kind of gift if best suited for him.

Gifts for Dad

Christmas Insurance Claims – Thieves, Fires & Floods

When we think of the holidays it’s usually family, friends, and loved ones that come time mind in addition to all the holiday parties and festive decorations. What we forget about are the things that go wrong, such as fires, floods, and robberies. These can make the holidays a much more unpleasant time, especially if your insurance coverage isn’t that great. This infographic from Methodist Insurance highlights some of the realities of insurance claims around the holidays. While claims continually come in, the ones around Christmas and the holidays can be exceptionally problematic. Not only because everyone is very busy, but because all the extra gifts, valuables, and food around, insurance claims can be significantly higher than at other times of the year. This infographic claims that 80,000 people are accidentally injured at this time of the year. 680m Pounds. The average claim in December is 16% more than the rest of the year.

Christmas Insurance Claims Thieves Floods and Fires

The Evolution of Christmas

Christmas traditions as well as the gifts given on Christmas have evolved significantly over the years. This infographic from Money SuperMarket looks at the top gifts given to boys and girls over the past 100 years as well as the financial value associated with those items. Some of the highlights from this infographic are: in 1910’s – Erector sets (£37.75) and the Composition Bluette (£6.68) and the Teddy Bear (£17.80). As we progress into the 1920’s the popular items for boys change to model trains while dolls (the Raggedy Ann Doll) remain popular for girls. The infographic shows Monopoly (£16.42) being a huge hit in the 1930’s as well as die cast cars for boys – yet dolls remain popular for girls. Machines continue to be a hit with boys as Model Airplanes are the big hit in the 40’s. The 1950’s show a return of model cars with the Matchbox cars as the popular gifts for boys while the Frisbee and Play-Doh make appearances.We also see Barbie showing up on the girls side. Read the infographic to see how the next 50 years go!

The Evolution of Christmas Infographic