How to Get Good Credit

Do you understand the importance of credit? What do you think your credit score is? According to Aqua over 57% of UK consumers are at risk of being declined credit by mainstream lenders. So how do you “get on the road to good credit?” First, are you male or female? Females are usually approved at a rate of 31% while males are approved at 54%. Of course, that depends on your age. Individuals 18-24 are over 80% likely to be declined credit while individuals 35-55 are approved at a rate of 55%. The third factor as to whether you could be approved depends on your situation. Are you self employed? You may have a hard time getting approved due to unsteady income. Londoners with a steady income have a much higher chance of getting approved. Do you make less than 50K per year? Those with a low income have a much harder time getting approved for a loan. Read on in the infographic below.
how to get good credit

American Family Finance Statistics

We all want to have good finances and we may think we’re doing a good (or bad) job, but this is all based on our own experiences. How do we really stack up though? This infographic from Fast Loan Tree looks at the American family and how their finances are doing. According to this infographic, the average American family has $3,800 in their savings account. This doesn’t seem very encouraging and what’s more disheartening is that the infographic claims 25% of American families have no savings. We have a deeper hole, another statistic in this infographic is that the average American household is $117,951 in debt but the average American house is valued at $160,000, owing $95,000 on the mortgage still. Want to learn more statistics like how much credit card debt do Americans have? or how much do Americans spend on food and gas? or how many students in California qualify for free or reduced priced school lunches? Well you’re in luck, this infographic answers all of those questions.

Average American Family Finance Statistics