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How to bleed your radiator

With winter fast approaching, taking care of your home heating system is a top priority. No one wants a cold night with no heat. According to Boiler Juice, many families will find cold spots on their radiator, providing them with less heat than they desperately need during the chilly months.

The easiest way to combat this is by bleeding your radiator. This removes the air in your system, making your heat more efficient and using less fuel to heat your home. While it might seem like a daunting task to undertake, it really isn’t that hard.

First, you’ll need a radiator key or a screwdriver and a cloth or towel. Start by turning on your system and making sure that the valves are switched on. Leave the heating on until it reaches a normal temperature. Next, identify which radiators need bleeding by checking for cold spots along the top of the radiator. Then turn off your system and allow the radiators to cool enough for you to touch them.

Now prepare the area by placing the cloth under the outer edge of the radiator to catch any drips. Insert your key or screwdriver in to the release valve and slowly turn it counter clockwise.

Keep reading in the infographic to find out how to bleed your radiator!


The new era of home security

Need a security system for your home? Our homes are our sanctuaries, our comfort, and our reprieve from the outside world. Protecting it and your possessions is something most, if not all, must do. Choose Home Security has given us a great resource to learn about how.

ADT Pulse, the new era of home security. It provides complete security automation, enhancing your home experience inside and out. You have full remote access from your smartphone and can wireless connect to your home devices using Z-wave technology. Whether you’re at the store, work, or on vacation, you have the ability to control your home using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

It makes it easy to maximize your home security while reducing home energy costs. Heating and cooling make up most of your energy bill, taking up 29% and 17% respectively. Water heating, appliances, and lighting are the next highest energy costs, using up 14%, 13%, and 12% respectively. People spend 6%-12% of their salary on utilities, much of which is wasted.

Energy bills have risen by 37% in the past three years. One conventional lightbulb costs $21 to power during the year if you leave it on throughout the night.

Obviously you can control all of these costs more effectively if you can access it from anywhere. Read on in the infographic below.


What kind of London tourist are you?

Ever visited London? An incredibly popular tourist destination with a rich history, London is the perfect place for your next vacation. The London Pass has provided a handy resource to help you figure out how and what you should see. Let’s take a look at their quiz.

They’ve provided a great way for you to see what tourist attractions are more important to you. For example, do you plan your vacations with military precision or do you like to fly by the seat of your pants? Would you prefer shopping on Bond Street to sipping tea at the Ritz? Or do Bond Street, Regent Street and Oxford Street remind you more of Monopoly than shopping destinations? Would you rather spend a big night out in Soho or eat a 5 star breakfast?

Do you love British culture enough to stand in long lines? Would you prefer a burger at the Borough Market over seeing Abbey Road? Or would you rather see Nottinghill (famous for the Hugh Grant movie) versus Carnival? Is Big Ben attractive to you? Should fine dining and pub appear in the same sentence?

After taking the quiz, you’ll know if you’re a tourist party goer, a food lover, a super tourist (must see all the things!) a happy shopper or a museum nerd. See in the infographic below.


The 4 scariest movies cursed in real life

Just in time for Halloween, Presto has released an infographic discussing the four scariest horror movies and how they affected the cast, film crew, film set and audience. There’s been hundreds of horror movies released, but only a few stand out as being truly terrifying. Interestingly enough, they were all released over 10 years ago. Let’s take a look at what happened.

In Poltergeist’s 1982 movie, four cast members actually died between the three films. A Native American shaman actually came to “rid the evil” from the set. Apparently, it was revealed in 2002 that real skeletons were used as props in the film.

In the Exorcist of 1973, filmmakers were so scared that they decided to bring their own friar to bless the premises. Up to nine crew members suffered untimely deaths during filming or shortly afterwards. There were multiple cases of injuries on set and the entire set even burned down in strange circumstances, delaying the filming for a few weeks.

Rosemary’s Baby of 1968 brought about death and illness in a very public way. The pregnant wife of the films director, Robert Polanski, was murdered by the Manson Family in 1969. John Lennon was also shot and killed right outside the apartment where the filming took place.

There’s one more scary one to see in the infographic below.


Why Frozen is one of Disney’s most successful movies of all time

Disney movies are often thought of as “kid” movies. According to Presto, Disney is back and more relevant than ever before.

Frozen is one of Disney’s most recent successful box office hits, with kids and adults loving the highest grossing animated film of all time. In fact, Frozen is the 5th highest grossing film of all time, right behind Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. It raked in an international gross earning of 1.2 billion dollars.

Disney’s other animated movies haven’t hit this big in a long time. The Lion King is Disney’s only other movie to make it to the top 10 Highest Grossing Animated Film category in 1994. Before 2013, Disney hadn’t had a big hit in over 10 years. Tarzan in 1999 was Disney’s last big hit, with Pixar picking up the slack in most recent years.

One of the reasons Frozen is such a big hit is the music. Much of the music was produced by Broadway’s veteran composers. “Let It Go” not only won an Academy Award, but five awards in total. A remixed version made it to the number one spot on a dance song chart and number five on the US Billboard 100.

If you haven’t seen Frozen, take a look at the infographic below then go watch it.


Evolution of the Terminator Franchise

This year marks the 30th year of the original film The Terminator. It’s crazy that something that’s still popular today was first released 30 years ago, it doesn’t feel like it would be that long! Presto has released a handy resource for us to learn more about the Terminator franchise.

The original film in 1984 was directed by James Cameron and brought $78 million in the box office. This original action film was the beginning of a huge franchise. One that produced four films, 26 video games, 100 comics, and a TV series.

It wasn’t until 1991 that the second hit came out, Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Also directed by James Cameron, this film brought $519 million in the box office. In this film, Arnold and his co-star, Linda Hamilton, work together to defeat a new super terminator, the T-1000. Terminator 2 won four Academy Awards, including Best Visual Effects.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines came out in 2003. This one was directed by Jonathon Mostow and brought $433 million in the box office. In this film, predictions of the Judgement Day finally come true. And of course, the anti-hero is the first terminatrix, T-X.

Next came a TV series called the Sarah Connor Chronicles. It takes place after Terminator 2 and follows the lives of Sarah and John Connor. It was a very highly rated show, but only lasted 2 seasons.

There’s more to see, read on in the infographic below.


The luckiest 10 cities in the UK

When it comes to the lottery, a lot of people have their good luck charms, their superstitions, or their same number that they buy every time. As we all know, winning the lottery is all due to luck. You have a greater chance of being struck by lightning than winning the lottery, which makes it clear that you need all the luck you can get when you’re playing for the big bucks.

According to World Lottery Club, there’s a few cities that seem to be luckier than others. For example, people in London are more likely to win the UK lottery than those in other cities. You have a one in 1,238 chance of winning and the average payout is 165,642,852 pounds. If you live in Birmingham, you have a one in 1,378 chance of winning and the average payout is 103,502,084 pounds. If you’re in Newcastle, you have a one in 1,391 chance of winning with an average payout of 132,760,653 pounds.

A few fun lottery facts:

  • More than half of all National lottery winners return to work
  • The highest number of jackpot winners in one draw was 133
  • 11,200 pounds worth of lottery tickets are sold online every 100 seconds

There’s plenty more to learn. Read on in the infographic below.


Are you a hustler or high roller?

Do you like to gamble? Go often? Ever wonder what your “gambling personality” might be? You can learn a lot from other’s mistakes (or wins) and Euro Palace has put together a list of celebrity wins and losses for you to glean to from. The more you know about yourself, the more likely you are to win! So let’s take a look at Euro Palace‘s infographic.

Ben Affleck won $356,000 at the California State Poker tournament, winning him a seat at the World Poker Tour Final in 2004.

Victoria Coren-Mitchell won 476,000 pounds in the European Poker Tour for the second time in 2014.

Charlie Sheen was spending $20,000 per week on sports betting in 2006 during his divorce from Denise Richards.

The infographic also has a handy chart for figuring out your gambling personality. If you only play games you understand and have a system for winning, you’re a hustler. If you don’t, and you gamble alone, and it’s important for you to be seen as a winner, you’re a showoff. If you gamble to forget about the rest of your life, you’re an escapist. If you can afford to wager hundreds of dollars per round, you’re a high roller. If you never gamble alone, you’re a socialite.

There’s more. Read on to learn in the infographic below.


Falk G Couplings: An Illustrated Look

According to Mar-Dustrial Sales, Falk LifeLign G Couplings are the best thing you can do for a gearbox that you own. For those of you like me, a gearbox uses gears and gear trains to provide speed and torque conversions from a rotating power source to another device.

Gearboxes are used in a ton of different applications, thought most are in motor vehicles.

Mar-Dustrial recommends that you use Falk LifeLign G Couplings because they are inexpensive, interchangeable, and designed to AGMA standards. There are a variety of sizes and capacities. Regardless of the size differences in sleeve barrels, LifeLign G Couplings can be switched out easily. They also come with a specific grease that is designed to increase the life expectancy of the part.

The AGMA bolt pattern makes the coupling interchangeable with any standard coupling on your existing applications. The AGMA 20 degree full depth tooth triple crowning eliminates tip loading and reduces backlash and radial clearances.

A non-turning prevailing torque locknut provides reliable hold with fewer parts. Lube holes located near the tooth mesh ensure an adequate grease resevoir during initial startup. High strength grade A bolts provide added protection against failure. And a massive flex hub provides the industry’s largest bore capacity for the most economical selection possible.

There’s more to see, read in the infographic below.


The 6 Biggest Losses Bookies Suffered

Usually it seems as though the bookies always win (or don’t pay up) when it’s your turn to cash in. Smart Live Gaming has managed to find six huge instances when a bookie lost big time. Let’s enjoy this moment and think about every movie we’ve ever watched where the mangy, dirty bookie screwed someone out of their winnings.

  1. In 2000, a Manchester United fan won big time by betting on a 30p accumulator bet. He managed to pocket 500 thousand pounds. That’s not bad for a self employed business man!
  2. A hotel worker in 2004 won 870 thousand pounds. He selected the six winners at the races with a two pound wager. That’s crazy!
  3. Here’s an interesting one: when Weymouth fans started to fear that their team would lose, they bet against their own team. And won one million pounds! By betting against their OWN team. Crazy right?
  4. Another one won big time at the races (which really, when does that happen?). Four horses were priced as outsiders and bet on before the races. They raked in 15 million pounds and were all linked to Barney Curley, their trainer.
  5. Bookies lost a massive 20 million pounds when 19 of the top 20 accumulator football teams won with the remaining game being a draw.

Read on in the infographic below to find out the biggest bookie loss of them all!