Valentine’s Day from HCL

HCL Nursing has put together some facts and trivia about Valentine’s Day. The holiday seems to gather some last minute rushing as it always seems to sneak up on us.

Last year, 59% of Brits celebrated this holiday of love. They spent an average of 119 British pounds on either gifts, dinner or other date activities.

The infographic lists the top five aphrodisiacs, some of which may surprise you.

  1. Honey. Apparently honey boosts energy because it contains boron, which regulates oestrogen and testosterone.
  2. Oysters. The well known favorite, oysters contain high levels of zinc and amino acids, which trigger the production of testosterone.
  3. Garlic. Surprising that it’s listed as an aphrodisiac since garlic breath isn’t always the most comely of traits. It’s full of allicin which increases blood flow.
  4. Avocado. The popular healthy fat, avocado is high in vitamins that keep your body young while boosting energy.
  5. Chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Cocoa contains phenylethylamines which spike dopamine.

There you have it! Read on in the infographic below to find out about the hospital that started with 10 beds and is now up to 400.