US Transportation and Mobile WIFI

As more and more business is moved online, the demand for internet, basically everywhere, has dramatically increased. In addition to the necessity at coffee shops, stores and restaurants are now offering wireless internet for their shoppers. And as more people take public transportation, both to save money and “go green”, wifi is also a huge demand.

According to SinglePoint, 91% of wifi users expect to have mobile wifi while on the road and 80% of wifi users prefer mobile wifi over 3G and 4G connection. Most commuters (68%) say they are willing to watch ads in exchange for free wireless internet.

It’s interesting, because 80% of Millennials would choose a 50 minute bus ride over a 25 minute car ride. Obviously, this is probably because it’s cheaper and they can use their mobile device during the ride. And 35% of Millennials would give up their car over their smartphone or computer. Additionally, 70% of Americans use public Wifi hotspots which is a 40% increase from 2012.

The scope of US public transportation is quite large. There are 7,300 plus organizations that provide public transportation in the United States and it’s a $57 billion industry that employs nearly 400,000 people with over 174,000 vehicles.

There’s more to learn! Read on in the infographic below.