UK’s Gambling Performance Comparison

Online gambling has come a long ways since it’s inception. And Smart Live Gaming is the know it all when it comes to areas in the UK and their performance. They’ve ranked performance of the top 12 cities in the UK and analyzed spend per city, players per city, gender insights, and players per age group.

They’ve created a performance index, which is the amount bet versus the amount won. This is the performance comparison with number 1 being the best performing area. And in the number one place is Liverpool. London is in close second, only being .004 behind Liverpool. Manchester is number three, Birmingham four, and Bristol five. Leeds takes the number six spot, which isn’t horrible, but it isn’t the best. Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leicester, Sheffield, and Newcastle the last six in order.

For spend per city, London takes the cake with spending 36%. Birmingham spends 16%, Leeds 9% and Manchester and Bristol at 7%. Leicester spends 6%, Cardiff 5%, Liverpool 4% (which is surprising since it’s in the number one performance spot. Perhaps the few that gamble are just very very good?). Newcastle and Edinburgh spend 3% and Glasgow and Sheffield spend 2%.

There’s plenty more to read in the infographic below. Find out the percentage of players per city, gender insights, and percentage of players per age group.