The Growth of Mobile Gambling

Playing games on your phone has been popular ever since the epic snake game on the brick Motorola. It only makes sense that as phones and infrastructure has evolved, that people confident in their skills would play for money.

According to Smart Live Gaming, mobile gambling is growing at an exponential rate. In 2013, 64 million users were gambling via their smartphone or tablet. It’s expected in 2018 that 164 million users will be playing for money on their phones. That’s an incredible rate of growth!

Currently 76% of all online gamblers are male and 24% are female. Preferences over the device are split, with 47% using an iOS system and 42% are on Android. Thirty percent of gamblers play on a monthly basis while 54% play on a daily basis.

Current opinions on online gambling are interesting. Seventy-three percent of “polled” people have used a laptop to play or gamble online. Nine percent have not used a laptop to gamble online but may be interested in the future. Lastly, 18% have used a laptop to gamble online but are no longer interested.

There’s more information across different devices that might be worth it to check out below. Read on in the infographic below.