Stop running from your home energy bill

Did you know that ten years ago, the average monthly home energy bill was $78.24? Now it’s up to $107.28! It’s crazy that it’s jumped $30 per month, that adds up to an extra $360 per year.

Though some is undoubtedly due to inflation, much of the increase is a result of an increased number of home appliances and electronics. According to ADT Security, energy bills have risen by 37% in the last three years.

The top five states with the highest energy bills are Texas, Hawaii, South Carolina, Alabama and Maryland. Homes that are built post 2000 consume 2% more energy than homes build prior to the Y2K.

Another interesting fact is that most homes have 50+ household items that use electricity or natural gas. It makes sense given that there are so many new gadgets and electronics, the US seems to love every new invention.

During colder months, you can save money by lowering your thermostat. Every degree drop in temperature saves 5% on your energy bill. If you left one light on all night, it racks up $21 throughout the year or $35 for a ceiling fan left on high.

ADT has created a way to manage this, it can be used to save money on your power bill. Check out the ADT Pulse.