Is there something hiding in your air ducts?

Forced air heating and cooling can become overcome with dust, mold or even rodents. This contaminates your air!

AAA Heating and Cooling has provided a great resource that details the reasons why you should have your forced air system cleaned out regularly.

A 1600 square foot home accumulates 40 lbs of dust per year! This can include pet dander and any other dust particles. Rodent feces (yech!) can be deadly to your health, particularly if they carry the hanta virus.

Cleaning your forced air system improves the HVAC efficiency. If .42 inches of buildup accumulate, it reduces HVAC efficiency by 21%! Not only is the air quality reduced, but it causes havoc on your electricity bill as well. In addition, 90% of all HVAC failures are caused by dust and dirt.

Half of all allergy problems are caused by polluted indoor air. This can include human skin cells, since we shed an average of 500 million skin cells every day. Dust mite feces, cockroach particles and arsenic and lead are common substances found in dust particles.

There’s a lot you can do to prevent your forced air heating and cooling system from failing or circulating polluted air. Read on in the infographic below.