Seven Strangest Superstitions

Bingo. The fun game you play as a kid in class, at parties, then in retirement is timeless. Everyone can play at any time (and everyone likes winning). It’s ultimately a game of luck (and paying attention).

According to Bingo Find, there’s quite a few¬†luck related superstitions¬†from various cultures around the world. In this infographic, they explain the top seven strangest superstitions from around the globe.

Number 7: In South Korea, people believe that if you sleep with a fan on, you’ll die in your sleep. This superstition is so entrenched in culture that doctors even tell you to turn it off. I don’t know about you, but this sounds pretty strange to me. How would a fan kill you in your sleep? Is it the nice cool breeze? Will it cause you to stop breathing? Those of us outside of South Korea that love our nighttime fans can certainly say that we’re happily still alive and breathing.

Number 6: In Spain, the tradition right at the stoke of the New Year consists of eating twelve grapes. They believe doing so will bring you good luck over the coming year. Whether that’s true or not, it can’t readily be proven (unlike the above fan superstition).

Number 5: In Italy, they have a name for swimming after eating. Though it’s a myth in the US, Italians believe that you’ll certainly die if you do so.

There’s plenty more superstitions to see. Read on in the infographic below.