SEO 2014 Trends – Toronto

Implode Media has released a helpful resource detailing the top five SEO trends for 2014. As we all know, SEO is critical to ensuring that your content and brand is found in web search. SEO should be implemented across all web strategies in order to achieve the maximum benefits.

So let’s take a look at these five trends.

1. Content, Links, and Social Media

A successful SEO strategy has content that is relevant and useful to the audience. It should meet needs and generate profits. Links are what assure users of your business’s trust and legitimacy. Getting links from well known sites can do wonders for your domain authority and traffic. Last is social media. It exists to amplify a brands presence, though it’s more from a user trust perspective than SEO.

2. Content Marketing

Blog posts plus video plus images. We all hear the phrase content marketing now, but what does it mean? Shouldn’t your brand be focusing on producing quality content already? Really, it’s nothing new if you’ve been doing the internet thing right this whole time.┬áIf your brand solely cares about profit instead of furthering the industry, educating users, or making a difference, then you shouldn’t be producing content anyways.

3. Mobile Optimization

Everyone is on their mobile phones and tablets now, so it’s time to get used to it. Make sure your website looks snazzy and easy to use on a mobile device and you’ll be good to go.

4. Building a Strong Brand

You’re gonna have to look at the infographic to read more about this one and bullet number five! See the infographic below.