How a Semi-Automatic Paintball Gun Works

Ever been paintballing? Mayhem Paintball, an outdoor paintballing course in London & Essex has sent us a handy resource that shows how a semi-auto paintball gun actually fires a paintball. It’s pretty interesting, so whether you’re a paintball fanatic or newbie, keep on reading to learn more.

First there’s a feeder that stores all of the paintballs. It’s not like a regular gun that houses only a few bullets. A feeder on a paintball gun can store a LOT of ammunition.

The feeder drops a paintball in to the barrel. The air or CO2 tank is what fires the paintball. It holds the pressure and feeds it in to the air line. Air is then passed through, in to the chamber from the air line.

The trigger is how you fire the gun (obviously). It’s bit more complicated than that though. The trigger releases the hammer that pushes the bolt forward over the exhaust valve. This exhaust valve goes through the air chamber, which fires air through the exhaust valve and in to the bolt. This is what fires the paintball to your target.

A paintball can fly about 100 feet and flies at a top speed of 200 miles per hour. You can fire 8-30 shots per second depending on the type of gun and configuration.

See it in the infographic below.