Seattle Hazardous Waste Removal – Marijuana

With the new legislation in Colorado and Washington, questions have arisen regarding the removal of hazardous waste and marijuana. WasteXpress, a hazardous waste removal company, has provided a resource to shed light on how they recycle or remove marijuana waste.

Here’s a list of environmental effects following cannabis growth:

  • diesel fuel consumed for cultivation
  • methanol concentrations less than 24%
  • $14,900-$17,700 cost to rehabilitate damaged land where marijuana is illegally grown
  • release of toxic chemicals for pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer
  • fertilizer waste water removal
  • 46,000 high intensity bulbs for indoor growth used in WA each year
  • High BTU products like acetone, ether, glycol etc

Fortunately, there are environmental friendly solutions for these above issues. Take a look below:

  • biodiesel fuel made with hemp slashes emissions
  • methanol incinerated for heat value recovery
  • legal cultivators can grow by following environmentally friendly guidelines
  • public water treatment plants take care of fertilizer or it’s solidified and disposed in landfills
  • toxic chemicals contained using solidification/stabilization method
  • light bulbs recycled by hazardous waste pros

There’s more! See in the infographic below.