How to be safe, no matter where you rent

With the ever rising cost of housing and expense of purchasing and maintaining a home, more people than ever are deciding to rent. However, renters are just as likely to be the victims of a burglar as homeowners. And if that happens, a home insurance policy won’t cover the cost of your stolen stuff.

Fortunately, Renters Alarm Co has provided a handy infographic to help us understand why we might need an alarm (or renter’s insurance). Let’s get started.

Of US households, 36.9% are renters. Currently, there are 38,864,600 total renter households and each year, the number of renters continues to go up by .67%.

As mentioned earlier, renters are just as likely to be the victim of property crime as homeowners. Homes without security alarms are 300% more likely to be broken in to.

Ever 14 seconds, a burglary happens. There are over 2,000,000 home invasions each year. Most home invasions happen when the owner isn’t home (97%) but what if the owner is home? That would be a scary and traumatic experience.

Every day, 4,457 homes are burglarized. Victims suffer an average loss of $1,725. Only 13% of these crimes are solved by the police (which means you don’t get paid back for your losses).

Curious to know more? See the infographic below.