The Role of Web Hosting to Your Website

Web hosting. It’s such a fundamental part of your website that many don’t know about or overlook. There’s plenty of intricacies and details that can increase the speed and delivery time of your site without costing your first-born child. Let’s see what Cheap Web Hosting Now can tell us from their handy infographic.

Your website is delivered from the web host, which pushes it to the world wide web. Internet users type in your site’s URL and see what’s on your site because of the web host. There’s three main types of web hosting: Shared, VPS, and Dedicated.

Shared hosting is like an apartment. There’s a lot of partitions but you all share the same building / server.

VPS is like a townhouse. You’re connected but together if that makes sense.

Dedicated hosting is like owning your own home. Everything on it is yours.

Capacities are something you should be aware of. There’s about 10-100 MB of disk space and 105 gigabytes of data transfer per month. Each HTML page can take up from 5-50 KB of disk space on your web server, so depending on how large your site is, you may need a large server. This can be determined by multiplying the average page size by the average page views per month.

Read more in the infographic below.