Product Your Product From the Elements with Ingress Protection (IP) Testing

Ingress Protection Testing is a complex system. Fortunately, Cascade TEK knows a little bit about IP testing and how the ratings work. There’s different levels of protection and having an IP test done will ensure your product is ready for selling.

First, a definition. Ingress Protection Testing is performed to determine if a product’s exterior case or enclosure will protect the parts that work inside of the product from water, dust or intrusion. Foreign particles can cause damage to your product, which is why it’s important to figure out how water-tight the enclosure is. IP testing is performed at accredited testing labratories.

In testing standards, an IP test is called out as IEC 60529. In ratings, the first few letters call out the type of test, followed by performance with water and solids. One is the highest rating you can get, with it being protected from vertical falling raindrops and protected from solid objects greater than 50 mm.

You can also test with UV sensitive dye. That will allow you to figure out for tight enclosures whether it passes or fails.

It’s important to know which test is best for your product. It can be done with calibrated nozzles, submersion tanks, or specific dusts and fluids. Whatever you do, just make sure it’s industry standard approved.

There’s more. Read on in the infographic below.