Paint disposal – household and industrial

Paint seems like a fairly friendly household item. It doesn’t bring red flags to mind when compared to other household items like bleach, drain cleaner, or antifreeze. However, there’s lots of nasty stuff in paint. Waste Xpress breaks it down for us.

Paint is composed of four types of materials. First is solvent, which is the liquid that carries the solid. It has a strong odor and is hazardous for humans and the environment. Next is the binder, which the solid film former that remains after the solvent evaporates. It binds the pigment to the particles. Third is pigment, which gives paint it’s color. Additives are the fourth and final ingredient that improves storage and application properties.

Paint is either oil based or water based. Oil based paints have a high VOC (volatile organic compounds) which are hazardous to humans and the environment. Water based paints is often referred to as latex paint and has a much lower VOC count.

The paint and coating industry is quite large, which is obvious since humans love color and companies sell more items that are pleasing to the eye. There’s about 1,400 establishments composing the industry, 43,000 employees, and 1.57 billion gallons of paint and coatings sold in 2013. That’s worth $20 billion.

There’s more to learn. Read on in the infographic below.