The new era of home security

Need a security system for your home? Our homes are our sanctuaries, our comfort, and our reprieve from the outside world. Protecting it and your possessions is something most, if not all, must do. Choose Home Security has given us a great resource to learn about how.

ADT Pulse, the new era of home security. It provides complete security automation, enhancing your home experience inside and out. You have full remote access from your smartphone and can wireless connect to your home devices using Z-wave technology. Whether you’re at the store, work, or on vacation, you have the ability to control your home using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

It makes it easy to maximize your home security while reducing home energy costs. Heating and cooling make up most of your energy bill, taking up 29% and 17% respectively. Water heating, appliances, and lighting are the next highest energy costs, using up 14%, 13%, and 12% respectively. People spend 6%-12% of their salary on utilities, much of which is wasted.

Energy bills have risen by 37% in the past three years. One conventional lightbulb costs $21 to power during the year if you leave it on throughout the night.

Obviously you can control all of these costs more effectively if you can access it from anywhere. Read on in the infographic below.