How much would it cost to insure pets from the movies?

There’s nothing like a movie with a pet as the star. Whomever decided to tap in to furry friend powers to tug at our heart strings was a genius. From Milo & Otis to Airbud to Homeward Bound, these movies are classics that will never be forgotten by the children that loved them.

According to, the cost to insure some of these famous animals might be more than you think. Pet insurance has come a long way since it’s start. Losing your pet is like losing a member of your family and there are a lot of options to help pay for those costly vet bills that come about whenever you don’t need anything else to add to your plate.

Let’s take a look at what insuring some of these animals might cost:

First up is two little mice. The cost to insure Mouse from Mousehunt is 8.19 pounds per month, or 98.28 pounds per year. Stuart Little is next. You might remember that Stuart Little was more boy than mouse. Regardless, the cost to insure him is 9.91 pounds per month, or 118.92 pounds per year.

Of course, Garfield is next on the list. The grumpy cat is 10.61 pounds per month or 127.32 pounds per year.

There’s plenty more animals to look at like Nemo, Marley, Old Yeller, and Free Willy. Read on in the infographic below.