The luckiest 10 cities in the UK

When it comes to the lottery, a lot of people have their good luck charms, their superstitions, or their same number that they buy every time. As we all know, winning the lottery is all due to luck. You have a greater chance of being struck by lightning than winning the lottery, which makes it clear that you need all the luck you can get when you’re playing for the big bucks.

According to World Lottery Club, there’s a few cities that seem to be luckier than others. For example, people in London are more likely to win the UK lottery than those in other cities. You have a one in 1,238 chance of winning and the average payout is 165,642,852 pounds. If you live in Birmingham, you have a one in 1,378 chance of winning and the average payout is 103,502,084 pounds. If you’re in Newcastle, you have a one in 1,391 chance of winning with an average payout of 132,760,653 pounds.

A few fun lottery facts:

  • More than half of all National lottery winners return to work
  • The highest number of jackpot winners in one draw was 133
  • 11,200 pounds worth of lottery tickets are sold online every 100 seconds

There’s plenty more to learn. Read on in the infographic below.