What you should know about traumatic brain injury

Now that the NFL has put concussions and other traumatic brain injuries in the spotlight, they are becoming much more widely known. However even with the increased coverage, there’s many that don’t know much about the causes, symptoms and repercussions of a traumatic brain injury.

The Clark Law Office has provided a resource to help educate us on important facts of brain injuries.

Annually, 1.7 million people get a TBI. Of that 1.7, 52,000 die, 275,000 are hospitalized, and there are 1.365 million emergency department visits. And 30.5% of injury-related death is due to a TBI. Because of the prevalence of these injuries, $60 billion is lost in productivity.

There’s a few ages that are more likely to obtain a TBI. Those are 0-4, 15-19 and 65+. There’s almost half a million visits annually for small children for a TBI. Adults over 75 have the highest hospitalization and death rates from a TBI.

Causes for a TBI are lead by falls. Thirty-five point two percent of all causes for a TBI are falls. Ten percent are due to assault, 16.5% were struck in the head, 17.3% were due to motor vehicle accidents and 21% is unknown.

Read on to find out the symptoms of a TBI in the infographic below.