What kind of London tourist are you?

Ever visited London? An incredibly popular tourist destination with a rich history, London is the perfect place for your next vacation. The London Pass has provided a handy resource to help you figure out how and what you should see. Let’s take a look at their quiz.

They’ve provided a great way for you to see what tourist attractions are more important to you. For example, do you plan your vacations with military precision or do you like to fly by the seat of your pants? Would you prefer shopping on Bond Street to sipping tea at the Ritz? Or do Bond Street, Regent Street and Oxford Street remind you more of Monopoly than shopping destinations? Would you rather spend a big night out in Soho or eat a 5 star breakfast?

Do you love British culture enough to stand in long lines? Would you prefer a burger at the Borough Market over seeing Abbey Road? Or would you rather see Nottinghill (famous for the Hugh Grant movie) versus Carnival? Is Big Ben attractive to you? Should fine dining and pub appear in the same sentence?

After taking the quiz, you’ll know if you’re a tourist party goer, a food lover, a super tourist (must see all the things!) a happy shopper or a museum nerd. See in the infographic below.