Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

There’s no getting around it. We all love coffee. It fuels our day, it’s delicious, it gives us reason to get up in the morning (well hopefully there’s more than just coffee to get you up, but you get the point).

Most Americans drink coffee, and most of us drink at least one cup at work. Coffee is getting easier and easier to drink too. With the onset of single cup brewers and home espresso makers, coffee is becoming more of a necessity and less of a luxury.

According to C&C Specialty Coffee, one of the more unique types of coffee comes from the Jamaican Blue Mountains. It supplies .05% of the worlds coffee and is grown in a very humid environment with a lot of rain and very rich soil, 3000-5500 feet above sea level.

This provides for a very unique flavor only found from the Blue Mountains. It has a low acidity, medium body, intense aroma and low caffeine. Interested in learning more? See the infographic below.