Irish Business Mobile Migration

All business is migrating towards mobile. People are always on the go and their phones aren’t just a security blanket any more. Mobile technology is used to do a lot. You can pay your bills, publish content, and do everything social for just a few examples.

Now that consumers are mobile, businesses are following suit. Employees demand to get their email on their phone and want to bring their own devices to work. Employers are now taking strides to accompany these requests for the sake of employee happiness and productivity.

According to Eureka Ireland Blog, the present and future of Irish business is most definitely mobile. Nine out of ten small businesses use a mobile device to conduct business and 52% of small businesses use tablets. This obviously shows the transition away from clunky huge work laptops that are outdated from the moment they’re issued. Smart phones and tablets are the new norm for people in their personal lives and it’s only natural that businesses eventually follow suit.

Nearly 40% of Irish businesses are using cloud computing. And 57.1% of Irish employees engage in a sort of “Bring Your Own Device.” Twenty-five percent of Irish employees use their own mobile devices at work and 38% of businesses expect to stop providing devices to workers by 2016.

There’s plenty more to see, read on in the infographic below.