Iconic scenes from the move Casino

According to Smart Live Gaming, Casino is one of the more iconic, legendary, and impact-fully accurate stories of it’s time. The film that premiered in 1995 was based on the real-life story of Frank Rosenthal. A casino boss in Las Vegas, Rosenthal initiated the sports-betting in casinos that’s become so popular today.

Legends like Robert de Niro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci make this movie timeless. Let’s take a look at some iconic scenes that really happened (in real life).

1. An interesting quirk, Frank was quite particular about his blueberry muffins. Each muffin needed to have a specific number of blueberries in them.

2. Due to mechanical problems, an airplane really did land on a fairway. Oh and the airplane contained quite a few federal agents.

3. Sam Rothstein was the first person to introduce sports betting in Las Vegas casinos.

4. A hammer to the hand was an effective way to deal with a group of cheaters. Yes, this happened in real life.

5. Frank Rosenthal’s car did explode. A fortunate turn of luck with a metal plate under his seat saved his life.

6. After a man shot up a casino, Rosenthal’s men punished him by putting his head in a vice grip. Interested? Read more in the¬†infographic¬†below.