Are you a hustler or high roller?

Do you like to gamble? Go often? Ever wonder what your “gambling personality” might be? You can learn a lot from other’s mistakes (or wins) and Euro Palace has put together a list of celebrity wins and losses for you to glean to from. The more you know about yourself, the more likely you are to win! So let’s take a look at Euro Palace‘s infographic.

Ben Affleck won $356,000 at the California State Poker tournament, winning him a seat at the World Poker Tour Final in 2004.

Victoria Coren-Mitchell won 476,000 pounds in the European Poker Tour for the second time in 2014.

Charlie Sheen was spending $20,000 per week on sports betting in 2006 during his divorce from Denise Richards.

The infographic also has a handy chart for figuring out your gambling personality. If you only play games you understand and have a system for winning, you’re a hustler. If you don’t, and you gamble alone, and it’s important for you to be seen as a winner, you’re a showoff. If you gamble to forget about the rest of your life, you’re an escapist. If you can afford to wager hundreds of dollars per round, you’re a high roller. If you never gamble alone, you’re a socialite.

There’s more. Read on to learn in the infographic below.