How to Choose the Right Tradeshow Display

Promoting your business via a booth at tradeshows can be an exhilarating or frustrating experience. It’s all about drawing people in, creating interest, then impressing them with your product, service, or business strategy.

According to S2 Imaging, picking the right tradeshow display isn’t the easiest task and they’ve provided a handy infographic to help you decide how to choose the perfect display for your business.

If you have less than 6ft of space, it’s recommended that you choose from a table-top display, retractable banner stand, collapsible banner stand, a small banner wall, a tower, or a kiosk.

If your space is 7-10 feet, you have a few more options. These consist of the following: 8ft display table-top, 1-3 collapsible banner stands, 1-3 retractable banner stands, a floor standing fabric display thats 8 or 10 feet. There’s also a pillow fabric display system, an adjustable banner wall, a panel popup system, and a modular exhibit system.

There’s a few more options for 11-15, 16-19, and over 20 feet. There’s also some recommendations to make your space look more professional. These exist of lights, literature racks, podiums, counters, kiosks, Ipad or tablet displays, monitor displays, flooring, table covers and flags.

Read on in the infographic below.