Home Security in Louisiana

We all love our stuff. Think about all the security measures we take to protect our prized possessions. Fortunately, a premier provider of ADT Home Security, Add Louisiana Security, has provided a resource that explains the state of affairs in Louisiana. If you live elsewhere in the US, there’s no reason why you can’t translate the statistics and see how important it is to protect your family and your home.

Each year, approximately 163,000 property crimes are committed and a burglary happens every 14 seconds. Currently, there’s about 4.6 million people living in Louisiana and of the top 100 most dangerous cities, there’s three in the state. The state also has the 5th highest rate of property crimes in the nation and there’s 35 crimes per square mile.

If you live in Louisiana, you have a one in 28 chance of being a victim of property crime (i.e. burglary). This costs an average of $2,200 per victimized home. I’m not sure about you, but these statistics are enough to convince me to take extra measures to protect my home.

The median crime in Louisiana is about seven times higher than the national average, and those with a security system (specifically an ADT monitored security system), you are three times less likely to become a victim.

Curious? Read more in the infographic below.