Why Healthcare Job Seekers Choose the PNW

According to Signature services, the Pacific Northwest is the best place to be. And everyone else is catching on for good reason. Washington and Oregon have a lot to offer, let’s examine below.

The PNW has amazing amenities for your social life. There are 17 wine growing regions in Oregon and nine in Washington. This amounts to 540 wineries in Oregon and 690 wineries in Washington. Drink up!

If you’re a beer lover, don’t worry. Washington grows most of the United States hops with Oregon close behind. There’s 172 brewing companies in Oregon and 146 brewers in Washington. An impressive fact is that 53% of all draft beer brewed in Oregon is consumed in Oregon. Great example of the Eat Local movement!

The Seattle-Tacoma area is ranked #13 of the most “restaurant-crazed” cities in the US. There’s over 11,300 restaurants and 22.9 restaurants per 10,000 citizens. Portland is close behind at #15 with 22.5 restaurants per 10,000 citizens and a total of 7,200 restaurants. Amazingly, the smaller town of Bend, OR comes in at number 3 with 25.9 restaurants per 10,000 residents and a total of 300 restaurants!

Getting out and about is another great quality that the PNW has. There’s 196 state parks in Oregon and 142 state parks in Washington. Both states rank high in the US’s most active cities, happiest cities, and bike friendly cities.

There’s plenty more to read. See more in the infographic below.