All about the global manufacturing sector

Manufacturing is a very broad sector. It’s also one of the oldest. In comparison, the tech sector would still be considered a newborn. Over the years, manufacturing has evolved significantly.

Let’s take a look at a resource provided by Stephens Gaskets. It details some very high level statistics about the global manufacturing sector that can give us a general idea about the breadth, depth, and comparison to other much smaller sectors.

First we’ll discuss most earnings by country. China comes in first at $1,924,961. In close second is the US of A at $1,800,500. Japan trails at a distant third with 800,000 less at $1,091,175. Germany is next at $610,184. After that comes Italy with $306,196. Russia is surprisingly low for the vastness of their country at $260,435. France and the UK are in last place with $253,608 and $229,615 respectively.

Manufacturing sales by product also has interesting figures to look at. In 2014, food and products was the largest sector at 62.2 billion in sales. Vehicles and trailers come next at 39.2 billion in sales. Machinery and equipment are in third place for 26.1 billion. Chemicals rack up 24.1 billion and fabricated metal is an even 24 billion. Transport equipment is second to last at 22.1 billion and rubber and plastic are surprisingly last with 16.8 billion in sales.

There’s plenty more, see it in the infographic below.