French drains from the perspective of Portland landscapers

To those of you without a yard, you’ve managed to escape a relatively time-consuming maintenance project that doesn’t end.¬†However, you’ve missed out on big backyard BBQs, throwing the ball for your dog, or playing catch with your son. And those of us concerned about slope and drainage are blessed by the invention of the French drain, a wonderful drainage construction that diverts away water unseen, leaving us with beautiful grass and no mucky puddles of standing water.

According to Landscape East & West, a French Drain is a buried perforated pipe within a gravel bed, buried perforated side down at a depth of 12-18 inches. Gravity draws water in to the system, preventing pooling and diverting the water as directed. Shallow drains divert surface water. They’re often built in to retaining walls to relieve pressure build-up on the wall. Deeper drains prevent water from seeping in to the foundation and an interior French Drain stops water where it enters the home or basement.

French drains are relatively low cost and easy to install. Maintenance is almost nothing, and should be checked once every 10 years. They can also be covered in pretty landscape so you don’t even know they’re there.

There’s lots more to read about Portland rain in the infographic below!