Favorite Trail Runs in the UK

Berghaus, a British outdoor retailer knows all the details when it comes to adventures in the great outdoors. Based in the UK, the brand has recently opened it’s doors in the US of A. And when it comes to trail running, they’ve got the top routes in the UK covered. Let’s take a look at the most popular trail runs in the United Kingdom.

In the number one spot is Catbells to Hindscarth Horseshoe. It’s a hilly route that can take you 3-4 hours. That’s because its 10.24 miles long and gains 2,647 feet in altitude.

Roseberry Topping to Captain Cooks Monument comes in second place. It has a few steep climbs and gains *only* 1,459 feet in elevation. It’s a circular route that’ll burn upwards of 1,814 calories during the 3-4 hours it’ll take you to run it. It’s longer than Catbells to Hindscarth Horseshoe coming in at 12.6 miles.

Number three is Askham Moors. It doesn’t take as long as the first two, coming in at 2-3 hours and has amazing views along it’s circular route. It does gain a lot of elevation for the 13.5 mile route. Two thousand, two hundred feet to be exact, which is seven times as tall as Big Ben.

There’s plenty more to see, read on in the infographic below.