Falk G Couplings: An Illustrated Look

According to Mar-Dustrial Sales, Falk LifeLign G Couplings are the best thing you can do for a gearbox that you own. For those of you like me, a gearbox uses gears and gear trains to provide speed and torque conversions from a rotating power source to another device.

Gearboxes are used in a ton of different applications, thought most are in motor vehicles.

Mar-Dustrial recommends that you use Falk LifeLign G Couplings because they are inexpensive, interchangeable, and designed to AGMA standards. There are a variety of sizes and capacities. Regardless of the size differences in sleeve barrels, LifeLign G Couplings can be switched out easily. They also come with a specific grease that is designed to increase the life expectancy of the part.

The AGMA bolt pattern makes the coupling interchangeable with any standard coupling on your existing applications. The AGMA 20 degree full depth tooth triple crowning eliminates tip loading and reduces backlash and radial clearances.

A non-turning prevailing torque locknut provides reliable hold with fewer parts. Lube holes located near the tooth mesh ensure an adequate grease resevoir during initial startup. High strength grade A bolts provide added protection against failure. And a massive flex hub provides the industry’s largest bore capacity for the most economical selection possible.

There’s more to see, read in the infographic below.