EU e-cigarette ban could send people smoking

According to, a potential ban on e-cigarettes could send one million people back to smoking. Apparently, the EU government and UK Healthcare Regulatory Authority have been advocating for the medicalization of electronic cigarettes. Any refillable device would be banned, meaning that any replacement for regular cigarettes would be out of the question.

Let’s look at the consequences of a potential e-cigarette ban.

  • 61% of 1.5 million people would return to regular cigarettes if e-cigs are banned.
  • This means that more than 1 million people would return to regular smoking.
  • 46.5% of people would return to traditional cigarettes if there was a ban on refillable e-cigarettes.
  • If the ban was applied to total number of vapors, 697,500 could return to smoking.
  • If the ban is put in place, 66% would buy eliquid on the black market
  • If the ban is put in place, 85.5% are more likely to vote against EU membership.
  • 69% would be more likely to vote for a pro-independence political party if the EU bans e-cigarettes
  • 87% of people are prepared to change their vote to protect their right for vapors.

Why does the EU want to ban e-cigarettes?

  • 88% thinks its to protect tobacco tax revenue
  • 64% think its ignorance
  • 51% think its corruption
  • 3.2% have no idea
  • 3.1% believe its to protect public health

Why do you think the EU wants to ban e-cigarettes? See the infographic below and join the discussion.


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