Dog versus carpet

Man’s best friend is more than a pet, they’re part of the family. Everyone loves to play with the dog, and they’re the type of company that always wants to be around you. Grumpy? The dog will be there. Angry? The dog will be there. Sick? The dog doesn’t care.

There is something in your home that doesn’t mix well with dogs though. Your carpet. According to ChemDry, dogs and carpet aren’t the most sanitary or best for your health. There’s several reasons for that, which we’ll cover next.

First, there’s a lot of things that your dog leaves on the carpet. Saliva is one of them. Dogs have at least 20 species of bacteria in their mouths. You don’t want that on your carpet. Pet waste is another one. There’s 23 million bacteria in a single gram of pet waste. Got a little one crawling? Yeah, that’s not good. Fleas are another big one. Americans spend about $9 billion controlling fleas. Pet dander isn’t good either. About 10% of the population is allergic to pets, with their dander being the main cause. Dirt is another big one. Dirt carries a ton of bacteria and a square foot of carpet can hold up to one pound of dirt.

So what does this mean for your family? Indoor air quality issues can lead to allergies, skin infections, stomach illness, or worsened asthma.

There’s ways to conquer this without getting rid of the most loving member of the family. Read on in the infographic below to find out more.