Dog Bite Statistics

Dog bites are a lot more common than you might think. According to Graves McLain, 4.7 million people were bitten by dogs just last year. It’s incredible to think that so many people are attacked by family pets each year. Sadly, children are the victims of most dog bites.

One in every six dog bites requires medical care. Fortunately, this means that of all the reported dog bites, most aren’t that serious. However 30 people were fatal victims of dog attacks.

Only .3% of people file a dog bite injury claim. And 78% of all dog bites occur on the owner’s property, which begs the question, “What was the dog owner doing? Why did he let his dog bite someone? Or was the dog victim trespassing?” Interestingly, 64% of all dog attacks were made by pitbulls even though they only make up 6% of the dog population. This shows how aggressive pitbulls are.

In 2013, the cost of a dog bite claim went up by $5,000. From 2002-2012, the average cost was $26,000 and in 2013, it increased to $31,000. Insurance companies pay out $1 billion per year in dog attack claims. Homeowner insurance covers dog bite attacks.

Most dog bites are from family dogs (58%) and 82% of the victims are kids. Most biting dogs are male (92%) and 25% of dog attacks were performed by chained dogs.

Interested? See more in the infographic below.