DIY urban gardening with recycled items

Urban gardening is all the rage these days. Many in an effort to do their part, eat well, recycle old items and save money are growing their own gardens in their backyard. There’s a lot of cool ways you integrate your urban garden in to the design of your backyard. Fortunately, Purely Shutters has provided a handy resource to give us a bit more insight in to how you can make it happen.

Stylish gardens are a lot easier to create than you might think. Shutters make the perfect tool to hang pots and create an attractive display of herbs and flowers. Give it a little stain to tie the finished piece in with your existing decor.

Making statement garden pieces out of junk has become so popular that you can buy pre-made pieces on Etsy. Try stapling landscaping fabric to a plantation shutter to create a visually appealing garden piece that accomodates herbs, strawberries, lettuces and creeping perennials.

Just remember, if you set one up inside, place an absorbent mat underneath it to catch the drips.

Another great junk item to recycle in to stylish backyard decor, is an old ladder. Give it a fresh coat of paint and stack it full of potted plants to create a tiered garden.

See the images in the infographic below.