The Difference between Land Based and Online Casinos

Gambling in person versus online is definitely a different experience. Smart Live Gaming has analyzed the differences for you in a handy resource. Let’s take a look.

Safety: safety is definitely a concern in both land-based and online casinos. With online casinos, it’s your bank account, credit card information, or identity theft. There isn’t the organized crime chances that in person casinos have, but some have definitely been accused of being a criminal front.

Bonuses: Land-based casinos cannot afford to give out bonuses because of their large overhead and operating costs. While online casinos have the ability to do that, they don’t have the social atmosphere that in person casinos have.

Promotions: Online casinos offer frequent promotions, likely because they have your email and can contact you at any time. Land-based casinos can’t offer these types of promotions, but they can give you deals on entertainment, dining, and accommodations.

Skill factor: Skilled players at in person casinos can be intimidating to newcomers and can easily take advantage of them. Online casinos give you anonymity, free support, and guides to help you play.

Convenience: With online casinos, the only things you need are a stable internet connection and dependable computer. In person casinos require travel and getting out of your pajamas.

Read more in the infographic below.