Craftsman House Plans: an inside look

According to Mascord Houseplans, the Craftsman style is one of the most popular types of home in America. Originating during the Arts & Crafts Movement, craftsman style rejected traditional Victorian ornate designs in favor of cleaner lines, natural design motifs and detailed craftsmanship.

Highlighting a specific plan, this infographic features extensive casework, unpainted wood finishes, box beams and colonnades, fireplace with tile hearth, copper and glass light fixtures, divided light casework windows, natural wood wainscot panels, and built in seating.

Let’s take a look at the Arts & Crafts Movement timeline. In the 1860’s, the Arts & Crafts Movement was launched in England. It rises in 1865 when the U.S. Civil War ended and reconstruction began. ┬áThe Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society formed in London in 1887 and later, the Central School of Arts & Crafts was founded. The US Arts & Crafts Society started in Chicago in 1897 and the first Craftsman magazine was published in 1901 by Gustav Stickley. In 1908, the Sears and Roebuck catalog offered the first craftsman bungalow homeplan for sale. Finally, in 1908 the model for all craftsman homes was constructed. It stands today in Pasadena, CA, named the Gamble House.

Interested in more? Read on in the infographic below.