Which country should you cheer for in the World Cup?

Everyone’s all up in arms about this once-in-every-four-year event. People who normally abstain from soccer can be found skipping work to drink it up with buddies at the local sports bar. Kids usually tossing a football around are now kicking the soccer ball like nobody’s business.

The truth is, the World Cup is exciting. But with all of the games and countries, how do you know which one to cheer for? Especially if your home country has bit the dust, who do you watch next?

Fortunately, Sports Unlimited has provided a handy chart to figure out which country you should root for in this event.

First, you need to figure out how often you want to watch the World Cup games. If you’re only invested in the final, then the three countries to watch are determined by how you dance (Brazil, Spain, or Germany).

If you want to watch the knockout stages, then it depends on what you’ll drink during the games. If liquor is your choice, the root for the good ‘ol USA. If it’s wine, then your countries are Portugal, Argentina, France and Italy depending on a few other preferences. If beer is your poison, then the countries you watch are Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or England. Which ones depend on whether you’re an Amstel light kind of guy.

There’s plenty more where this came from. Read on in the infographic below.