The Cost of Prom

The Prom, which began in the 1800s at Ivy League colleges, has become a much anticipated (and expensive) event in a teens high school career. According to GoldenAsp, what was once a traditional school dance has now become the event to end all events. Elaborate and luxurious venues, expensive dresses, limos and after-prom parties are now part of the norm.

The cost of prom is rising each year and in 2014, parents are expected to shell out over $1,500 for their kid. For a girl, the average cost of getting all dressed up adds up to $633 while boys are around $325.

Surprisingly, parents who make under $50,000 per year pay more than parents who make over the national average. Even more surprising is that single parents pay 50% more on prom compared to what married parents spend.

Curious? See more in the infographic below.