The Cloud Opinion

“The Cloud” has become the new and improved way of working. Especially for businesses, cloud storage, cloud applications and cloud systems are transforming how companies operate.

With the rise of a new technology, there are always risks.

According to PerspecSys, surveys from 130 security professionals from RSA Conference show that companies are not being proactive enough to protect sensitive data in the cloud. Sixty-six percent of security professionals believe that the cloud is much more difficult to secure than on-premise systems. Only 16% believe that it’s less difficult and 18% say that it’s no different than on-premise systems.

Security protocols are important, and with the onset of new technology, it’s just as important to make sure that there are new standards in place. Sixty-nine percent of organizations have security protocols in pace while 31% do not. Of these protocols, 53% of security professionals believe that they complicate or delay their jobs while 47% believe that they don’t.

There’s more information! See it in the infographic below.