BLDC Motors and HVAC Efficiency

In the never ending quest for efficiency, the HVAC industry has turned to brushless DC motors (BLDC). Comfort, efficiency and affordability are paramount in the HVAC world and BLDC motors are making those innovations possible.

According to Sinotech, the world runs on electric motors. Brushed DC motors were first used commercially in 1886. It wasn’t until 1962 that the first brushless DC motors were used commercially.

An average motor lasts 20 years. Over it’s lifetime, the purchase cost accounts for 1% of the cash spent. Ninety-nine percent of the cash is spent on maintenance and electricity. Thirty percent of greenhouse gas emissions are from industrial energy use and electric motors provide 60% of the power used in U.S. industrial buildings. Globally, electric motors and their systems consume 43-46% of all electricity.

Motor energy use by sector in 2008 was as follows: industrial 68.9%, commercial 38.3%, agricultural 20-25%, residential 20-25%, transport 60%.

Globally, the HVAC market is expected to exceed $139 billion by 2018. Interested in learning more? See the infographic below.