BLDC Motors and Competitive Costs with High-Grade Brush Motors

According to Sinotech, brush motors have significantly shorter lives than brushless DC motors. And when you compare the costs of BLDC motors have on other components, it’s definitely competitive with the short lifespan brush motors.

BLDC motors should only be compared to high-grade brush motors and not less expensive commodity brush motors with shorter lifespans.

A BLDC motor can run for 20,000 to 40,000 hours. A brush motor can run for 1,000-2,00 hours. That’s a huge difference! BLDC motors are 95% efficient (or higher) than 75-85% brush motors. The electromagnetic interference of a BLDC motor is minimal or little filtering is needed. When compared to a brush motor, they may require significant filtering due to electrical discharge at the commutator.

BLDC motors are also explosion resistant, which can’t be said for brush motors. BLDC motors can also be low speed with high torque, which can’t be done¬†with brush motors.

A brushless DC motor has a motor case and inside of that is the stator winding. Inside the stator winding is the stator lamination stack. A ring magnet fits inside of that and a hall effect magnet fits inside of the ring magnet.

Curious to learn more? Read on in the infographic below.