The Beginner’s Guide to Online Slots

Slot machines in real life can actually be confusing, which means that online slots may not be the easiest to understand either. How do I pay money? How much does it cost per play? What if I win? Can I just take the money?

Not to fear, Slotozilla is here to save the day. And by that, I mean they’ve provided a handy infographic to teach you all you need to know about slot machines plus online experience.

First things first, let’s cover history. The fully functioning gambling software was developed by Microgaming. The company essentially invented the online casino as well as online slot games. The first online slot machine looked like a one-armed bandit slot with three reels and one pay line. Later, slots evolved in to five reel or more with multiple pay lines, bonus features, cool design and video effects. Than came 3D slots. Instead of static symbols, 3D slots were filled with animations and moving parts.

Next, let’s discuss the anatomy of an online slot game. Here’s a list of the parts.

  1. Reels – it has symbols on the reel and spins when you hit spin
  2. Symbols – what determine if you earn a prize
  3. Paytable – where you access payout as well as more information
  4. Win – If you’re lucky, this is how you’ll know it
  5. Coins Balance – your total account balance
  6. Select Coins – reduce or increase coins per play
  7. Select Lines – how many paylines you want to be on

There’s more! Learn how to play in the infographic below