Air Conditioning and Beating the Summer Heat

Everyone likes being comfortable, yet not all people have air conditioning. Those that do have air conditioning often neglect yearly maintenance, which can add up in repair costs or cause A/C fails.

According to AAA Heating and Cooling, out of the 113.6 million homes in the U.S. 86% (or 94 million homes) use some sort of air conditioning unit. Only 4% have air conditioning and don’t use it. Of the 94 million that have A/C, 71% of that equipment consists of central air units. Forty-one percent of those owners don’t perform routine maintenance on their cooling units. Thirty-six percent of owners that have A/C don’t use programmable thermostats to control their central air systems.

Approximately 3 million homes will experience an air conditioning fail before the summer ends. The cost of performing yearly maintenance will easily pay for itself in energy savings. Without regular maintenance, an air conditioner loses 5% of it’s efficiency for each year in operation.

The compressor units of air conditioners have a life span of 10-12 years. Improper installation can reduce efficiency by up to 30%. Recharging your systems refrigerant can improve efficiency by 20%.

Where your A/C unit sits also has an effect on the efficiency. Brush off any dirt or debris that builds up on it’s outer walls. Just don’t use a garden hose.

Curious to know more? See the infographic below.