The 6 Biggest Losses Bookies Suffered

Usually it seems as though the bookies always win (or don’t pay up) when it’s your turn to cash in. Smart Live Gaming has managed to find six huge instances when a bookie lost big time. Let’s enjoy this moment and think about every movie we’ve ever watched where the mangy, dirty bookie screwed someone out of their winnings.

  1. In 2000, a Manchester United fan won big time by betting on a 30p accumulator bet. He managed to pocket 500 thousand pounds. That’s not bad for a self employed business man!
  2. A hotel worker in 2004 won 870 thousand pounds. He selected the six winners at the races with a two pound wager. That’s crazy!
  3. Here’s an interesting one: when Weymouth fans started to fear that their team would lose, they bet against their own team. And won one million pounds! By betting against their OWN team. Crazy right?
  4. Another one won big time at the races (which really, when does that happen?). Four horses were priced as outsiders and bet on before the races. They raked in 15 million pounds and were all linked to Barney Curley, their trainer.
  5. Bookies lost a massive 20 million pounds when 19 of the top 20 accumulator football teams won with the remaining game being a draw.

Read on in the infographic below to find out the biggest bookie loss of them all!